JTF Helps Young Tsunami Victims in Japan

Left: Mitsunaga, a volunteer, holding up a poster with our company’s “Japan relief” symbol

Since Japan Traditional Foods (JTF) started selling Natto Taro last May, we have been collecting $0.10 of every purchase of this product for a donation for the children that were affected by last year’s Earthquake and Tsunami disaster.

As of September, 2011, $280 has been donated, and last month, a clock was donated to the Kuzumaki Highland Farm, an organization in Iwate prefecture where the son of Dallas Akimoto, factory manager at JTF, volunteers.


The donation was made in the hopes that children affected by the disaster would spend time with other children, give and receive support from their peers, make new friendships, understand nature’s hardships, and appreciate food and precious resources.

CEO/Founder  Minami Satoh

Above:  Smiling kids holding up a catalogue of 5 adorable clocks

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