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Megumi in Alaska

This is just brief note to let you know that I (Ricky, current blogger) have moved to Alaska and will soon be far from computers and the internet for quite a while. Until Minami (Owner, CEO of Megumi) can find … Continue reading

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Fermented Food in the U.S.A.

We spent all day last Saturday handing out samples and conversing with passersby at the Freestone Fermentation Festival (an annual event held near our hometown of Sebastopol). It was surprisingly well-attended, pulling people from around the country with a wide … Continue reading


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Nattokinase, Fibrinogen, and Thrombin: Some More Reasons to Eat Natto

According to the experts — many of them, anyway — natto is the perfect food for curing what ails most Americans. There’s a large body (pun!) of evidence suggesting that eating natto on a daily basis significantly reduces the risk … Continue reading

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Avocado, Three Ways

Here’s a little story about avocados: Thailand, late-night; a small town with seven streets in the middle of the jungle; a young American, more than slightly tipsy, is hungry. The stars are brilliant, he realizes, and the sky is completely … Continue reading

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Yao-Kiku, Hole in the Wall

Yao-Kiku is what most people would call a hole in the wall. It’s small, it isn’t well-known even in its hometown of Santa Rosa, but it’s been there for years — tucked away in an obscure shopping center — serving straightforward … Continue reading

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Where to eat natto?

Ippuku is an izakaya in downtown Berkeley that has quickly garnered a reputation for offering good Japanese food that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere in the Bay Area: grilled mochi with braised pork belly and spicy turnip greens, … Continue reading

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